Pumpkin Rolls with Rosemary and Sea Salt


My sister-in-law made these rolls for a post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving feast last year. When she first said she was making rolls, I was like, “YES! homemade rolls and I don’t have to do anything!” And then when she said they were pumpkin rosemary rolls, I was like “too bad…I almost got delicious rolls.” Maybe to other people the name of these rolls sounds good. For some reason, pumpkin rosemary just sounded funky and too flavorful to accompany an already spiced and buttery meal. I was wrong. THESE ARE AMAZING. The pumpkin and rosemary flavor is very subtle (and the rosemary could be completely left off if you don’t want it), yet the pumpkin makes for a perfectly moist (ew the worst word) dinner roll. I would have never tried this recipe had it not been served to me, but now it’s a holiday staple. Oh and more than the great taste, these are easy rolls to bake. Continue reading

Savory Tart (and oh how I’ve missed my blog!)

Savory Tart

Savory Tart

I’m baaaack! It has been a busy month and a half. I have had so many things I was planning to post, but life just kept happening. We have celebrated Karva Chauth, Diwali, Halloween, Thanksgiving, my sister’s wedding, my birthday, and we are about to celebrate my husband’s birthday this weekend. I have some pictures from it all below. In my mind, I was going to post a recipe from each of these occasions, but that didn’t happen. However, I did make this delicious tart a few weeks ago that was too pretty not to share. Continue reading