3 Bean Vegetarian Chili


This is another recipe I wanted to try as vegetarian. I have had lots of vegetarian “chili”, but they never hit the spot for me. The meat versions were always better in terms of consistency and the spices that were used. I knew it wasn’t the meat that was making the chili that much better, and I just needed to try a vegetarian chili myself. I made this chili exactly like I make my meat chili but without the meat. And it turned out amazing. The flavor and consistency was perfect. I honestly would not guess that this didn’t have meat in it if someone served it to me.¬† Continue reading

Summer Minestrone



I am slowly adjusting to my new role as an online teacher, but sometimes I find myself missing the four walls of a classroom that I have known. With so much change happening, I was craving a comfortable and familiar meal. My mother made this minestrone for me growing up. My siblings and dad always preferred a beef stew, so when she made minestrone, it was generally with me in mind. This soup is like a warm hug from my childhood and was exactly what I needed today. Continue reading

Aloo Kaa Jhol (Indian Potato Soup)

Aloo Kaa Jhol (Indian Potato Soup)

Aloo Kaa Jhol (Indian Potato Soup)

I spent the last few weeks in Pittsburgh with my family. My sister, JoAnna, got married in my parent’s backyard. The wedding was a lot of work and took lots of hands, but it was beautiful in the end. I was so glad I was able to stay for two full weeks and visit, but I am also glad to be back home. My family definitely eats traditional American meals: no spice, lots of meat, anything served with rice=international, etc. I love all the cheesy, meaty wonders that my mom and dad make, but at the end of two weeks, I missed my own kitchen. I welcomed myself back home by making chapatis and this aloo kaa jhol, which is basically an Indian potato soup in my opinion. Continue reading

Pozole Two Ways


Poorly Lit Pozole Photo

This is not a traditional Pozole. So if you are a pozole purist, this recipe may not be for you! The is what I make when I am craving a spicy soup or some hominy (I love the texture of those things!). I like to make this soup a little hotter than I would normally eat because the sour cream, radishes, avocado, and tortilla really bring down the heat in my opinion.

I call it Pozole Two Ways because it works really well as a meat or vegetarian soup. The steps below explain the meat version, but I put a note in for how I swap things out to make this a hearty vegetarian dish as well.

Continue reading