Root Vegetable Pot Pie


Pot pie has always been a comfort food. When I was a child and my parents went out-of-town, my mom always stocked the fridge full of frozen meals for the babysitter. Hungry Man TV dinners and frozen pot pies were favorites of ours. I don’t crave TV dinners or frozen pot pies these days (I’m a food snob, whatevs), but I do find the warmth and aroma of a homemade pot pie so comforting. This pot pie is a totally vegged-out grown-up version of the classic made with white wine, fresh herbs, and some parsnips. Yum! Continue reading

Aloo Kaa Jhol (Indian Potato Soup)

Aloo Kaa Jhol (Indian Potato Soup)

Aloo Kaa Jhol (Indian Potato Soup)

I spent the last few weeks in Pittsburgh with my family. My sister, JoAnna, got married in my parent’s backyard. The wedding was a lot of work and took lots of hands, but it was beautiful in the end. I was so glad I was able to stay for two full weeks and visit, but I am also glad to be back home. My family definitely eats traditional American meals: no spice, lots of meat, anything served with rice=international, etc. I love all the cheesy, meaty wonders that my mom and dad make, but at the end of two weeks, I missed my own kitchen. I welcomed myself back home by making chapatis and this aloo kaa jhol, which is basically an Indian potato soup in my opinion. Continue reading

Aloo Sabzi For Dosas and Such

Aloo Sabzi

Aloo Sabzi

Life has been full of surprises these last few months. My husband found work for a software company in Durham, and I could not be more excited! We have moved to a new apartment in Durham, which was a huge undertaking these past few weeks; I think the moving is finally finished now. I have been applying for jobs and have received offers from three different schools! I accepted a position at an online teaching school where I will teach middle school English. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful to have so many great opportunities for my family at this time. It has been a long winter and spring of unknowns. Continue reading

Aloo Gobi Vindaloo (Potato Cauliflower Vindaloo)


Aloo Gobi Vindaloo


My husband gave me the Plenty cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi for Christmas, and I have been slowly cooking my way through it. Since Vindaloo is an Indian dish, we had to try this recipe though I did change a few things. The dish was a bit sweet for my taste and I adapted the ingredients to match what I could buy in our local grocery store/what I had in the cupboard. Instead of shallots I used onion; instead of red chile I used jalapeño. We thought this dish was pretty banging or to use my new Hindi phrase “dhaasu.” Below is my spin on Ottolenghi’s Vindaloo.   Continue reading