Potato Soup


Over the holidays, Roshan was sick, Rajat had a bad cold….and we had limited groceries. I wanted to make potato soup, but the last time I made my mom’s version of this for my husband, he wasn’t a big fan. He didn’t like the large pieces of potato or the consistency. I decided I’d try it once more and tweak it some. Sorry mom, but it really was a wonderful update on her classic recipe! Husband, baby, and I all loved this. We happily at the leftovers for the next two days. Continue reading

Aloo Kaa Jhol (Indian Potato Soup)

Aloo Kaa Jhol (Indian Potato Soup)

Aloo Kaa Jhol (Indian Potato Soup)

I spent the last few weeks in Pittsburgh with my family. My sister, JoAnna, got married in my parent’s backyard. The wedding was a lot of work and took lots of hands, but it was beautiful in the end. I was so glad I was able to stay for two full weeks and visit, but I am also glad to be back home. My family definitely eats traditional American meals: no spice, lots of meat, anything served with rice=international, etc. I love all the cheesy, meaty wonders that my mom and dad make, but at the end of two weeks, I missed my own kitchen. I welcomed myself back home by making chapatis and this aloo kaa jhol, which is basically an Indian potato soup in my opinion. Continue reading