Blueberry Muffins


Since I was a kid, one of my favorite breakfast treats has been a blueberry muffin. I love the sweet cake-like texture and the bursts of acid from the blueberries. Since my brother-in-law was out of town a few weeks ago, I wanted to make something that I could share with my sister-in-law who was on her own with her son until her husband came back. I had been craving blueberry muffins and wanting to try a new recipe, and the recipe below was the result. Continue reading


Vegan Banana-Blueberry Muffins

muffin cut

Vegan Banana-Blueberry Muffins

I wanted to make something for my father-in-law for Father’s Day, but he has some diet restrictions, plus, Ma does not eat eggs. So, if I wanted to make something that they both could eat, then it needed to be healthy and eggless. The basic recipe I used came from Dassana Amit on Veg Recipes of India. I added blueberries and walnuts to give the muffins some extra flavor. If I was making these for myself, I would also add one or two tablespoons more of sugar. These are pretty great for a healthy muffin though. The texture is lovely with a nice subtle banana flavor coming through.

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