Lentil Bolognese


I’m normally not a big new year resolutions kinda girl. I mean, I am forever trying to lose weight so that’s nothing new. However this year, I decided I would go vegetarian for 2018. I’m not going to be incredibly strict- like I will have eggs and would still have a dish that had fish sauce added, but I will not be eating any flesh from animals. It’s not too big of a change for me since I already eat meat very infrequently. However, with this new resolution, I am looking for some vegetarian recipes to satisfy my occasional meat cravings. One meat dish that I sometimes crave is pasta with meat sauce. I decided to try inventing my own lentil-bolognese to substitute for meat sauce. Continue reading


Walnut Pesto and Being Grateful

P 2

Yesterday was the six year anniversary of my uncle’s passing. His death was really hard on his children and wife as well as my father (his brother). My cousin Alison (and daughter to this uncle), lives close to us in Durham. Yesterday she came and helped Rajat and I clean our old apartment before we turn the keys over. Before my cousin arrived to help us clean, Rajat and I had gotten into a stupid argument. My cousin could tell that we were unhappy with each other, and she gave us such simple advice on a day that I am certain was painful for her: “Be grateful for each other.” It was a heartfelt reminder that there is so much in life to be grateful for, and we often take for granted the things we have in front of us.  Continue reading

Espresso Freddo

EF 2

Owning a house is a lot of work. I know people tell you that, but in my mind I was like “yeah yeah yeah” because I am a brat and think I know everything. Everyone was right. It is a lot of work. We planted grass seed in the back which is coming in well…in patches. My husband bought an axe (God help us all) and chopped down some very small trees. I have been working on flowers and a vegetable garden. We bought a lawn mower and now mow our own lawn! It’s all so crazy. Continue reading

Stuffed Shells


I’m surprised at how many people have not heard of stuffed shells in North Carolina and in Utah. I’m beginning to wonder if this is a north east thing. Growing up, our neighbors brought us stuffed shells every time my mom had a baby or something else happened that warranted a neighbor making a meal. These were also commonly served at weddings or other banquet style dinners. The point being, I never really thought of this dish as a “blog-worthy meal.” But, everyone seemed to enjoy these, so I thought I should give this recipe a shout out. Continue reading

Stromboli and Pan Pizzas

Stromboli with Eggplant and Spinach

Stromboli with Eggplant and Spinach

It is the weekend before our one year anniversary, and we couldn’t help but begin celebrating early! We are going to Asheville next weekend and have a slew of restaurants we will go to, so we wanted to do some fine dining at home this weekend and on the actual day of our anniversary. I am doing an Italian style dinner for our actual anniversary, and had some prepping to do today so that  we will eat at a decent hour on the big day. Since I was already making doughs and living in the kitchen, I decided to make some pizza for dinner also. Plus, my husband is suddenly obsessed with American football and wants “football” food on Sundays now. Pizza fit the football bill. Continue reading

Summer Minestrone



I am slowly adjusting to my new role as an online teacher, but sometimes I find myself missing the four walls of a classroom that I have known. With so much change happening, I was craving a comfortable and familiar meal. My mother made this minestrone for me growing up. My siblings and dad always preferred a beef stew, so when she made minestrone, it was generally with me in mind. This soup is like a warm hug from my childhood and was exactly what I needed today. Continue reading

Eggplant Tricolore

eggplant tricolore full dish

This dish is from Plenty by Yottam Ottolenghi, but it is really a traditional Italian recipe. I was served versions of this dish at several homes and restaurants when I stayed in Northern Italy. My cousin who came for lunch told me that she didn’t like eggplant, but that she loved this dish. All this is to say that it is a tried and true classic. Continue reading