Besan Ladoo

ladoo 3

When we traveled to India in December 2015, my mother-in-law made lots of delicious homemade ladoos waiting for our arrival. I ate a lot of ladoos that trip. I would stuff them in my purse and pockets for a snack when we went out. I ate them breakfast. Before bed. I became a ladoo. Since then, I had really wanted to learn to make these myself, but felt intimidated. This year, my mother-in-law came to stay for several months when my son was born and again made perfect ladoos. She even made me my own container of them to keep on my bed side so I could eat them in the night while I breastfed my son. After my mother-in-law went back to India this year, I decided I would make ladoos before the year was over. I am pushing it, but I met the goal I made. And these are not as hard as I thought they would be. Ladoos are totally our new Christmas tradition! Continue reading

Pumpkin Rolls with Rosemary and Sea Salt


My sister-in-law made these rolls for a post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving feast last year. When she first said she was making rolls, I was like, “YES! homemade rolls and I don’t have to do anything!” And then when she said they were pumpkin rosemary rolls, I was like “too bad…I almost got delicious rolls.” Maybe to other people the name of these rolls sounds good. For some reason, pumpkin rosemary just sounded funky and too flavorful to accompany an already spiced and buttery meal. I was wrong. THESE ARE AMAZING. The pumpkin and rosemary flavor is very subtle (and the rosemary could be completely left off if you don’t want it), yet the pumpkin makes for a perfectly moist (ew the worst word) dinner roll. I would have never tried this recipe had it not been served to me, but now it’s a holiday staple. Oh and more than the great taste, these are easy rolls to bake. Continue reading



Last January, we had our annual snow storm. We were iced into our home for almost a week. Apparently the city does not ever plow neighborhood streets in NC, so after the snow falls, everything just turns into an ice sheet. I literally watched a woman slide down the street last year as she tried to go check her mail (Obviously no mail was coming, so she made a series of bad choices. And no, I didn’t help her. I watched from the window. But I was pregnant!) We had limited groceries in the fridge, but I really wanted to have something warm and special since I was trapped indoors. These crepes were seriously amazing. We have made them twice since then. They are my new favorite sweet breakfast.

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Molasses Sugar Cookies


This is my dream cookie. I love a soft, chewy, ginger-molasses cookie with a big glass of milk. My mom never made these types of cookies growing up. She was more of a strict choco chip cookie and brownie baker. Occasionally a cake from a box on a birthday. She had some friends who would bring these cookies over on the holidays, and I would always eat them all before anyone else could get their hands on them. (I wish I could say that I no longer greedily eat all of the cookies in one sitting, but it’s not true. I was recently told to stop eating all of the cookies I had made for my husband for his birthday. I CAN’T HELP THAT MY COOKIES ARE SO GOOD.) Continue reading

Salt Dough Hand Print


This post needs to have a huge shout out to my sister-in-law. She suggested I make this salt dough hand print ornament since it is one of their favorite baby ornaments from their son. I was all wishy-washy about it at first. For some reason, I thought it would be difficult and messy. You know how most baby-craft combos are? Well, it wasn’t. This was so simple and it’s adorable. I’m posting here so that I remember to do this if we have more children some day. Do this with your kids! Or your pet! (A paw print ornament would be even cuter than a baby hand.)  Continue reading