Aloo Sabzi For Dosas and Such

Aloo Sabzi

Aloo Sabzi

Life has been full of surprises these last few months. My husband found work for a software company in Durham, and I could not be more excited! We have moved to a new apartment in Durham, which was a huge undertaking these past few weeks; I think the moving is finally finished now. I have been applying for jobs and have received offers from three different schools! I accepted a position at an online teaching school where I will teach middle school English. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful to have so many great opportunities for my family at this time. It has been a long winter and spring of unknowns. Continue reading


Khandvi (Gram Flour Noodle Snack)



I tried Khandvi for the first time right after I got married. I quickly realized that the love I felt for my husband could not compare to my love of Khandvi. It is a light, spicy snack that is irresistible. This snack comes from the Gujrat region of India. (Obviously my husband told me this and spelled it for me just now as I wrote it.) If you want to sound like a world traveler, tell people you love the Gujrati snack Khandvi. I’ve been gaining lots of cultural capital with this phrase 😉 Continue reading