Tomato Chutney and India


We got back from India on January 5th, and I already miss it. After three weeks in India, I had a rhythm to my day. I had mastered bathing from a bucket, I was understanding what people were saying, I wasn’t afraid of riding in the car, Cows in the street no longer shocked me, I even had saris damnit! Coming back to America felt like waking up to a dream I had. I desperately wanted to close my eyes and find the place I was in before, but of course, it was gone as all dreams are in the morning.  Continue reading

Chili Jaggery Chutney

Chile Jaggery Chutney

Chili Jaggery Chutney

In February, when I had a glorious snow week (that’s right, a week, not a day), we spent a day in Raleigh playing in the snow with my nephew. We played down the street at a neighbor’s house who also served us a fabulous lunch. She served this chili jaggery chutney with the food, and my husband and I could not stop eating it. She told us the ingredients at the time, but we had not tried making it until now. It is so so so good. This chutney goes well with any food, not just Indian. It’s basically just an all purpose hot sauce with great flavor in my opinion.  Continue reading