3 Bean Vegetarian Chili


This is another recipe I wanted to try as vegetarian. I have had lots of vegetarian “chili”, but they never hit the spot for me. The meat versions were always better in terms of consistency and the spices that were used. I knew it wasn’t the meat that was making the chili that much better, and I just needed to try a vegetarian chili myself. I made this chili exactly like I make my meat chili but without the meat. And it turned out amazing. The flavor and consistency was perfect. I honestly would not guess that this didn’t have meat in it if someone served it to me.  Continue reading

Chili Jaggery Chutney

Chile Jaggery Chutney

Chili Jaggery Chutney

In February, when I had a glorious snow week (that’s right, a week, not a day), we spent a day in Raleigh playing in the snow with my nephew. We played down the street at a neighbor’s house who also served us a fabulous lunch. She served this chili jaggery chutney with the food, and my husband and I could not stop eating it. She told us the ingredients at the time, but we had not tried making it until now. It is so so so good. This chutney goes well with any food, not just Indian. It’s basically just an all purpose hot sauce with great flavor in my opinion.  Continue reading