Lentil Bolognese


I’m normally not a big new year resolutions kinda girl. I mean, I am forever trying to lose weight so that’s nothing new. However this year, I decided I would go vegetarian for 2018. I’m not going to be incredibly strict- like I will have eggs and would still have a dish that had fish sauce added, but I will not be eating any flesh from animals. It’s not too big of a change for me since I already eat meat very infrequently. However, with this new resolution, I am looking for some vegetarian recipes to satisfy my occasional meat cravings. One meat dish that I sometimes crave is pasta with meat sauce. I decided to try inventing my own lentil-bolognese to substitute for meat sauce. Continue reading

Vietnamese Summer Rolls


I have been on a bit of Heidi Swanson kick lately. It’s a real love-hate relationship though. I feel as though her life is one large Anthropologie ad. In her cook book Near and Far, she has a section with recipes for “en route” (IDK if that’s what she actually calls it, but I’m calling it that..) Basically it is recipes she makes to take with her on the plane when she travels. One of those recipes was Summer Rolls. (I also call these fresh rolls…not sure what the correct name is.) I will likely never in my life make summer rolls to take on an airplane and instead eat a shitty pizza in the airport (I am too good for plane food but definitely not above airport fast food). Although these will never be an “en route” recipe for me, these were definitely a fun dinner at home recipe. Continue reading

Paneer Tikka Masala


I don’t have a whole lot to say about this except for, you should make this. I should make this again and again. It’s a bit of prep work and probably more of a weekend or company is coming over type of meal, but it is super tasty in my opinion. The grill always seems like so much work, so I loved that I was able to get these nice charred pieces of veg and paneer with just the oven. Without the grill you of course miss that taste of fire and charcoal, but this is a pretty good second if you don’t have time for grilling, it’s not the right weather, or you don’t have a grill. Continue reading

Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi


Christmas was amazing this year! We stayed home and I of course missed seeing family, but it was so so nice to just relax at home together. We got together with some of our neighbors on Christmas Eve and the days following Christmas. It was just such a nice holiday. I can’t say enough good things about missing out on the holiday travel. Rajat’s sister’s family was in India for the holiday, and once they returned we got together to celebrate Rajat’s birthday and a late-Christmas. My sister-in-law made these delicious spinach and ricotta gnocchi over greens. It was light and delicate and a perfect family meal.  Continue reading

A Year in Photos

This is so I feel less guilty about not updating what’s happened in our lives for the past year and some change. But also, what a great way to reflect on the this past year of our lives. Ready to see what 2018 has in store for us. Continue reading

Besan Ladoo

ladoo 3

When we traveled to India in December 2015, my mother-in-law made lots of delicious homemade ladoos waiting for our arrival. I ate a lot of ladoos that trip. I would stuff them in my purse and pockets for a snack when we went out. I ate them breakfast. Before bed. I became a ladoo. Since then, I had really wanted to learn to make these myself, but felt intimidated. This year, my mother-in-law came to stay for several months when my son was born and again made perfect ladoos. She even made me my own container of them to keep on my bed side so I could eat them in the night while I breastfed my son. After my mother-in-law went back to India this year, I decided I would make ladoos before the year was over. I am pushing it, but I met the goal I made. And these are not as hard as I thought they would be. Ladoos are totally our new Christmas tradition! Continue reading

Pumpkin Rolls with Rosemary and Sea Salt


My sister-in-law made these rolls for a post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving feast last year. When she first said she was making rolls, I was like, “YES! homemade rolls and I don’t have to do anything!” And then when she said they were pumpkin rosemary rolls, I was like “too bad…I almost got delicious rolls.” Maybe to other people the name of these rolls sounds good. For some reason, pumpkin rosemary just sounded funky and too flavorful to accompany an already spiced and buttery meal. I was wrong. THESE ARE AMAZING. The pumpkin and rosemary flavor is very subtle (and the rosemary could be completely left off if you don’t want it), yet the pumpkin makes for a perfectly moist (ew the worst word) dinner roll. I would have never tried this recipe had it not been served to me, but now it’s a holiday staple. Oh and more than the great taste, these are easy rolls to bake. Continue reading