Instant Green Chili Pickle


I love a homemade green chili pickle with Indian food. Really I like anything “pickled” at any time. I used to drink the pickle juice from the pickle jar as a kid. When Rajat’s parents were visiting in the summer, they brought back a Gujrati snack from the Indian store that came with a simple green chili pickle. I don’t remember the name of the snack and it was nothing special in my opinion, but the pickle. WOW. THE PICKLE. It was so good. I had my husband searching high and low for this pickle in the store, but we couldn’t find anything similar sold in larger quantities. We bough the Gujrati snack a few more times and wasted most of the snack but ate all of the pickles quickly. Fast forward to New Year’s, and Rajat’s cousin’s wife had a very similar home made pickle at her house. She gave some basic directions and Rajat found a video online and the rest is mirch achaar (chili pickle) history.

My SIL made this for us a few weeks ago after my husband shared the recipe with us all. It was amazing. Rajat and I fought over the last few pieces. We were making a lot more parathas and rotis just to have an excuse to eat the pickle. After we polished off that jar a few days ago, I had to make another batch. It is super simple to make and keeps so well. Let it sit for at least three days before eating it (if you can wait that long, we can’t). It will keep getting better the longer it sits and should last about three months stored in an airtight container at room temp. But good luck letting it last that long.

Last weekend my SIL’s family came over to watch Roshi for the afternoon while Rajat and I went to the movies. We saw I, Tonya which I LOVED. I don’t know how Rajat really felt about it haha. It was so nice to get out of the house together and Roshi enjoyed some Bua-Fufa-Bhaiya time for sure. I swear that my child already finds me boring and is always just waiting for the next round of guests to entertain him.

He’s been loving playing with some small less-used kitchen items. They started in a drawer in the kitchen that he could access and play with when I was cooking so he was entertained. Now they are just integrated into his playroom with the rest of the toys. And I am left looking for more things for him to play with when he is in the kitchen. BABIES.

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**Recipe is originally from

Instant Green Chili Pickle (Mirch Achaar)


  • 100 grams of finger green chilies, washed and dried
  • 1 tsp cumin seed
  • 1.5 tsp methi/fenugreek seed
  • 3 tsp saunf/anise seed
  • 3 tsp black mustard seed
  • 1.5 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder
  • pinch of hing/asafoetida
  • 3-4 tbsp mustard oil
  • 3-4 tbsp vinegar (white vinegar was suggested but any vinegar will work)


  1. Chop the chilies into bite size pieces. The recipe I followed suggested using scissors to chop, and I really liked this method. Place pieces in a large bowl and set aside.
  2. Over medium heat, warm the fenugreek, cumin, anise, and mustard seed. You are not necessarily trying to toast the seeds, just warm them to be sure they are completely dry. Stir the whole time. After about 3-4 minutes, remove from heat.
  3. In a spice grinder, grind the spices to a course powder and set aside.
  4. Add the oil and vinegar to the chilies. Add the spice mix. Add the salt, hing and turmeric. Mix together until well combined and all chilies are coated.
  5. Place chilies and any extra oil/spice paste in an airtight jar. Leave it at room temp for a few days. After 24 hours, the chili is ready to serve, but the longer you leave it, the better it will taste. Serve along side roti or paratha or any Indian meal.

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