A Year in Photos

This is so I feel less guilty about not updating what’s happened in our lives for the past year and some change. But also, what a great way to reflect on the this past year of our lives. Ready to see what 2018 has in store for us.

2017 in List Form:

  • Baby Shower by Didi in February
  • Rajat’s parents come in March
  • My niece, Curie, is born
  • Roshan born (by force) in March
  • Roshan meets Curie…and the rest of us meet her as well
  • My parents and siblings come to meet Roshan in April
  • Neeley Family Reunion in Great Smoky Mountains, TN
  • Ruthe gets married in July
  • Roshan’s Naamkaran in July
  • Eleanor gets married in August
  • Roshan begins daycare in August
  • Liz goes back to work in August
  • Rajat’s parents return to India in August
  • Camping in West Virginia with my sister, JoAnna’s, family in August
  • Roshan’s first Rakhi and he had Bua and Curie give rakhis in August
  • Visited my sister, Sarah, in MD in September
  • We hosted our first Dussehra festival party (and Roshi’s 1/2 birthday) in September
  • State Fair in Raleigh for our Anniversary in October
  • Asheville for a friend’s wedding with Rajat’s family in October
  • Traveled to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving in November
  • Staying home for Christmas and celebrating New Year’s with local family in December



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